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EIKOUBUSSAN Co., Ltd. President Tsuneyuki UEDA
President's Message
The focus of our manufacturing is superior added value and coexistence with nature.

It has been several decades since plastic appeared on the industrial scene. Since our founding as a distributor of composite resin coloring and raw materials in 1968, Eikou Bussan has continued the challenge toward advanced technology based on a motto of “ascertaining the needs of the generation. ” Currently, plastic has achieved tremendous advances in heat resistance and durability, and now serves an irreplaceable role in our lives in everything from home electrical appliances, to bicycles and high-technology machines.
New applicability, higher quality, and speed required with the changing times. At Eikou Bussan, not only do we strive toward manufacturing and selling products with high added value to meet the needs of current times, but we also strive to lead society toward an enriched future by adapting a global perspective.
One of the major themes we focus on in our quest to realize this goal is environmental issues. This is because we believe being thankful for the blessings of nature and coexisting with society are the first step toward creating an enriched future. In addition to production technology that is compliant with ISO (International Organization for Standardization)-based international standards and efforts to eliminate toxic substances, we also are involved aggressively in recycling as we continue to work toward technological innovation of which we can be proud of in the face of the next generation. Moving forward we will continue our mission of being a Company that is useful to our customers while also contributing to society.