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150/49 Moo 9 Pinthong Industrial Estate 2 Nongkham,
Sriracha, Chonburi 20110 Thailand 【Plant/16,000㎡,Warehouse/35,000㎡】


16,000 tons annually
Twin-stage screw extruder/5units
Single-stage screw extruder/2units






[Inside of the warehouse]

Item Equipument Type Unit Maker's
Production equipment Extruder HTM65mm double-stage vent (2-axis) 1unit CTE Co., Ltd.
HTM50mm double-stage vent (2-axis) 1unit
CTM58mm/with Side Feeder double-stage vent (2-axis) 2units
105mm double-stage vent 1unit Ishinaka Iron Works, Ltd.
57mm single-stage vent 1unit
TEM70mm double-stage vent (2-axis) 1unit TOSHIBA MACHINE CO., LTD.
Crusher 50 horsepower 1unit DAIKO SEIKI CO., LTD.
30 horsepower 1unit
Incidental equipment Tumbler 1,000kg 2units CHUBU ENGINEERING CO., LTD.
500kg 3units
300kg 1unit
100kg 2units
Scurew Blender 1,200L 1unit CTE Co., Ltd.
Super mixer 1,000L 1unit AVALONG TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd.
Mixer to Prevent separation 600L 4units CHUBU ENGINEERING CO., LTD.
Pigment mixer SFC-50 1unit KAWATA MFG CO., Ltd.
Dehumidifier draing Triangle 25kg 1unit
500kg 1unit
Injection molding machine TM-130G2 1unit TOYO MACHINERY & METAL CO., LTD.
TM-100G2 1unit
Mold chiller TW-200MA-KS 2units KAWATA MFG CO., Ltd.
Compression molding machine YSR-10 1unit SHINTO Metal Industries Corporation
Injection molding machine TKP-14-1PF 1unit TABATA Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.
Metal detector machine MS-5017-405 1unit NISSIN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
Washing apparatus - 1unit DAIKO SEIKI CO., LTD.
Magnet 13,300gauss×3sets 6units Magnet Japan
Heat sealer EHK-600 1unit NEW LONG
Chilling machine (92,000 cal) KT-3000 1unit CTE Co., Ltd.
Pelletizer For Super Soft Resin TSZ-250S 1unit TANAKA IRON WORKS CO., LTD.
Pelletizer For Soft Resin TSM-300AP 1unit CTE Co., Ltd.
Cutting machine KY-350 1unit Kiyota Koki Co., Ltd.
Test equipment Computer color matching system VP-2 1unit KURABO INDUSTRIES LTD.
Strograph tensil & bending tester VG10E 1unit Toyo Seiki Seisaku-sho, Ltd.
Melt indexer S-001 1unit
Izod impact tester ASTM 1unit
Notching machine - 1unit KGK Engineering(Thai)Co., Ltd.
Durometer & hardness tester GS-719R TYPE A 1unit TECLOCK Corp
GS-720N TYPE D 1unit
Electronic balance HR-200 1unit A&D Co., Ltd.
Specific gravity kit FR-10 1unit
Electronic furnace SH-OMT 1unit NITTO KAGAKU Co., Ltd.
Karl fiscer moisuture meter KEMADP-611 1unit Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Horizontal vertical flame chamber - 1unit CHUBU ENGINEERING CO., LTD.
Humidic chamber SH-221(-20℃~120℃) 1unit Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd.
Blast constant temperature drying machine DEN400 2units
SD Lever Type Sample Cutting Machine SDL-200 1unit DUMBBELL CO., LTD.