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quality tasting
Maintaining high quality through use of the best testing equipment Japan has to offer.

Demand for plastic products exists in every industrial field. New products that meet user needs come into being on a daily basis. When many aspects of development depend on skills acquired only through experience, however, the issue arises that the time such development requires uniformity and quality are out of step with the needs of the times. Eikou Bussan was quick to address this issue. While adopting the latest equipment, we have simultaneously devoted effort to developing systems that make full use of advanced technology. Our diving forces are preparation of equipment that anticipates the needs of the times and the development capabilities to offer high-added-value products. In 2006, we constructed the Testing and Development Building and installed the latest testing equipment.

quality tasting

In addition to general mechanical property evaluations (such as ASTM and new JIS standards), we are also implementing a "fluorescent X-ray analyzer" that can determine the quantities of toxic elements and substances with high accuracy. What is more, in addition to optical and electron microscopes for observing the surface characteristics of compound materials, we use a well-rounded range of devices that include UL combustibility testing equipment, electric furnaces for ash-content measurement, and molecular-weight measuring equipment for polycarbonate resins and other such materials. This enables us to perform quality testing and accommodate customer requests for testing in a full range of fields.


The Testing and Development Building constructed in 2006 is installed with the sample mixing equipment needed for material compounding and development,
and here we actively conduct material enhancement and development. Recently, we are also engaged in working the many super engineering resins used in the IT industry. We are advancing joint development with client companies as well, achieving acclaimed success in commercializing new product fields.

超促進耐候試験機射出成形機Xenon Weather-Ometer
Bittle point temperature tester